Slat Desk (2014)
Design, Fabrication, Finishing

This desk stands at 32 inches (81.28cm) tall, two feet (60.96cm) wide and three feet (91.44cm) long. It is made with walnut and maple and without any screws or nails. The design started with the utilitarian purpose of having somewhere to rest my feet while I worked and then became a small indirect ode to art deco ornamentation. Or many places to rest my feet.

The entire production (from wood slabs in the lumber yard to finished desk) was carried out by myself using the necessary woodworking tools.

The photographs were taken on the sand banks of the Rio Grande river in Corrales, New Mexico. Some of the photos were taken by Annie Kennedy.

Desk in Reeds
Back View
CNC Mishap Coverup Detail
Walnut Corner Detail