Eindhoven's Dirt (2018)
Research, Concept, Installation Design,
Book Layout and Design

In a system of grave renting, where do the human remains go after the rental period has lapsed? Where might someone end up when no one wants to pay the rent for their grave? What is the final resting place of Eindhoven's people?

The investigation of the grave system in Eindhoven unearthed heartful volunteer groups, studious grounds keepers, Dutch festivals celebrating those who have passed, old sorrows, and finally the knowledge that the very makeup of Eindhoven's soil contributes to the complete decomposition (bones and all) of all people that enter it.

Officially if anything is left when the groundskeepers it is sent to the local crematorium and then the ashes are either spread in a small field in the original graveyard or at the crematorium. Although usually there is nothing left.

This book documents the 18 graveyards of Eindhoven, their entries and exits, their neighborhoods, the people who maintain them, their communities, and most importantly their dirt.

This ongoing project is expected to be completed by December 2019.

Eindhoven's Dirt First Exhibition Set Up
This was the setup for the first presentation of this ongoing project.
Mockup of Eindhoven's Dirt Book
A 1:10 scale mockup of what will be the complete book catalogueing Eindhoven's graveyards.
Photo of the Mockup book open
The mockup book includes a hand drawn map of each graveyard. Each graveyard (or small parish) has a dedicated folio.