DIY Exhibition Guide
Perspectives of Justice
A collaboration with the Hague.

This guide was produced as a team project between Anna Winston, Ahn Sung-Whan and myself.

The following is taken from the introduction of the guide and was written by Anna Winston.

"Looking At Peace And Justice:
A DIY Exhibition Guide
If you are reading this pamphlet, it’s likely that you have some interest in the ideas of Peace and Justice. You might even be interested in how these ideas are created and policed around the world. Maybe you have a hunch that they’re not words with just one meaning, or that the world is struggling to understand what they really look like. We’re with you.
We’ve created this guidebook to help you start meaningful conversations about Peace and Justice and the mechanisms that purport to create and control them around the world. In our age of political uncertainty, these conversations urgently need to be had between normal people, to help us understand our differences, how they colour our view of the world and how we might use them for positive action.
Inside, you’ll find guidelines for creating your own, unique exhibition on Peace and Justice, exploring different perspectives on these two ideas and displaying them in a way that might help foster both debate and understanding (for who?).
We’ve included (where have you included this?) examples from our own exhibition on this subject, which we designed as a pop-up installation for a museum in The Hague – the City of Peace and Justice – to create a talking point for the people who work in the International Criminal Court. There are instructions for recreating some of the devices we made to display our research, using various different materials in standardised European sizes that could be adapted for different scenarios around the globe. We’ve called it Looking At Peace And Justice, but you can call yours something else if you like.
We hope you enjoy making your exhibition, and sharing the results with your community. When you’re done, please add your own experiences and designs to this pamphlet in any way you like and pass it on to someone else."

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